Dental Crowns

A Common Way To Restore Teeth

Concerned About the Health or Look of a Tooth?

Ask Dr. Porsch if Dental Crowns are Right for You.

Crown imageA common way to restore teeth with a lot of decay, large fillings, or damage through injury is what is called the dental crown. Tooth-shaped and tooth-colored, Dental Crowns are commonly made of natural-looking and durable porcelain.

With diligent and proper dental hygiene, cleanings, and oral exams, these restorations provide excellent esthetics and normal chewing and speaking for years. Additionally, Dental Crowns preserve teeth, saving as much of the natural tooth structure as possible and all of the underlying roots. Teeth that are next to the crown retain their natural alignment, keeping a smile healthy and attractive.

The procedure for a dental crown can take up to 2 office visits to complete. Some cases can be completed the SAME DAY!  The decision on whether or not to do same day treatment will be based on what is best for each patient.

First, we will prepare your tooth to receive the crown. He will remove decay and any old filling material and then shape the tooth to receive the restoration. Dr. Porsch will also check for a proper bite.

Next, we will take an impression of your teeth (digital scans of your teeth is coming soon – NO MORE MESSY IMPRESSIONS!) . This is then sent to a dental lab where a skilled technician custom-creates your crown according to the model of your teeth and the dentist’s instructions.

You may wear a temporary crown while the permanent tooth is being made. This temporary crown looks like a natural tooth, but is not nearly as strong as the permanent crown will be.

In your next visit, your temporary crown is removed and the natural tooth is prepared to receive the permanent crown. Dr. Porsch will remove any remaining cement from the temporary crown and then glue the permanent one in place. The doctor will also check that you have a great fit and bite.

Patients who receive a dental crown are typically very pleased with how the “new” tooth looks and feels. Care includes brushing and flossing daily–just as with natural teeth.

If you are concerned about the health of a particular tooth or are not pleased with how the tooth looks because of multiple fillings or other issues, should ask about Dental Crowns and if they are right for you.

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